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Patient Testimonials

"I've gone to Points of Harmony Acupuncture for 4 years. I love Amy and always look forward to my sessions. The acupuncture has been very helpful for me for stress and pain relief, headaches, and general health & well being. In addition, Amy is knowledgeable about diet and supplements to improve health. She's gentle, encouraging and supportive and I always appreciate her input. I've recently stopped going because we moved about an hour away, but I highly recommend Points of Harmony!!"


Nancy H.

"I have been a client of Amy's for many years. I was searching for relief from constant pain from a fracture of a vertebra. After no success with conventional medicine I was lucky enough to find Points of Harmony and Amy Miller. Acupuncture really does work to help put your body back in balance, and relieve pain. Amy is a wonderful person and a true blessing to me. I can't recommend her enough!"

Lori H.

"I have been a client of Amy Millers and Points of Harmony for almost five years. My joint pain, headaches, back pain and hypertension have been greatly relieved. Acupuncture has been a proven form of alternative medicine. Point of Harmony has proven that they are one of the best at delivering this form of holistic medicine. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone in need. Thank you Amy for your dedication, professionalism, and help, God bless you all"

Matt C.

"I have been a client at Points of Harmony Acupuncture for several years. Amy provides a true relaxing/healing environment. Over the years she has treated me for pulled muscles, joint pain, headaches, and post-menopausal ailments. All with great success. Amy and Points of Harmony are definitely a part of my overall wellness routine. Amy not only provides great service but genuinely cares about her clients."

Terry T.

"Acupuncture is a proven method of holistic alternative health practices that can relieve pain, anxiety, allergies, and a ton of all sorts of ailments. When I first started about two years ago I went for general well-being, arthritis in my knee and shoulder, and lower back aches. Soon I was addressing issues of acid reflux and even healing after a bone bruise. The practitioner is excellent and well trained in holistic health, well-being and nutrition. The sessions are painless and comforting. I would recommend Points of Harmony to anyone, young or old."

Marie G.

"Amy has helped me in so many ways physically mentally and spiritually. I love her and she has been so kind to me. She has helped me realize that most of my physical problems come from being out of harmony with life. If you truly want to be healed come to points of harmony".

Bill M.

"I have been seeing Amy for 8 years and It has been the best thing I have done to feel good. She opens up my channels and I feel great when I finish the session. Amy takes care of my stress and she keeps me well balanced. I highly recommend this method for a natural way of keeping healthy".

Nancy D.

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